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competitive bracelet for beads cheap reasonable

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competitive bracelet for beads cheap reasonable

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Product Overviewcompetitive bracelet for beads cheap reasonable
The Karma Beads bracelet is made of 925 Sterling silver and fastened with a high-quality catch fastener. The innovative ball lock is stamped with the Wheel of Karma, which stands for joie de vivre and positive energy. The Venetian necklace has a diameter of 0.2 cm and is available in different lengths. One or more Karma Beads can be threaded onto the bracelet. If a stopper is also purchased, this ensures that the Beads stay in the desired position. As every Bead needs space, each bracelet should be bought in the appropriate size to suite the planned number of Karma Beads.
925 Sterling silver
folding clasp
approx. 0.30 cm (0.12 Inch)
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