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competitive Charm pendant hearts reasonable cheap

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competitive Charm pendant hearts reasonable cheap

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Product Overviewcompetitive Charm pendant hearts reasonable cheap
Melted Hearts
This Charm made of 925 Sterling silver is the right gift for anyone with a special place in your heart. The jewellery item shows two small hearts that are closely and irrevocably linked. The top heart is adorned with white zirconia stones. The bottom heart sparkles in minimalist silver with the tip pointing upwards. A sparkling and unusual pendant that immediately catches the eye. This Charm expresses endless love, deep friendship, close association and affection. A jewellery item that says more than a thousand words and impresses with expressive symbolic power. Thanks to the lobster clasp, the two small hearts can be worn comfortably on a necklace or bracelet.
925 Sterling silver
zirconia white
lobster clasp
approx. 2.50 cm (0.98 Inch)
approx. 0.90 cm (0.35 Inch)
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